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Understanding your hair
         If you don’t understand the makeup of your hair, chances are you will mistreat and abuse it. So what do you need to know about your hair?         
   When hair is extremely curly it tends to form a coil pattern like a spring. Because of its shape “coiled” hair has many individual strands that wind together (this is why we can “lock” our hair.) Coiled hair usually has low elasticity (ability to snap back), breaks easily, and tends to knot, especially at the ends. This hair type requires GENTLE scalp manipulation, conditioning, and detangling to minimize tangles.                    
   Coarse hair is larger in diameter than medium or fine hair. It is stronger than fine hair, just like a thick rope is stronger than a thin rope. Coarse hair is stronger in structure. It usually requires more processing than medium or fine hair and may be more resistant to processing, so it’s usually harder for coloring and relaxing to penetrate coarse hair.