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                              What about products?
       Choosing products is based on personal preference. When learning your hair you will find that what works for one person may not work for you. Through trial and error you will discover the best products for your hair. Some pointers to remember are:
1.  Stay away from products containing alcohol, patroleum, &  mineral oil 
2.  Moisturize daily
3.  Establish a regimine (H-M-O)
4.  DO NOT neglect your scalp
5. Never manipulate dry hair
Before we go any further on this topic let me tell you this:What you put IN your body is more important than what you slather on your hair and scalp. If you refuse to drink water, your hair is more apt to feel like straw.This principle isn't only subject to nutrition, but mental and spiritual aspects as well. If you are under a great deal of stress, it is very possible that your hair will suffer breakage, and even bald spots.Your hair is an extension of you, and it is unrealistic to think it can or will thrive in an unhealthy environment.
When choosing products dont limit your self to "black hair care" lines. There are wonderful products that dont actually cater to us, but have wonderful moisturizing properties. The ingridient label  is far more important than the picture on the front. You want to see as many natural ingridients as possible. Butters, oils, and herbs should dominate the man made hard to pronounce ones.
Lastly, high price tags do not mean higherquality .Start with some of  the items in your local drug store before heading to the mall, or online. Remember, find the products that suit YOUR individual needs.